5 Muay Thai Legends

Every sport has its legends, the names everyone associates with greatness. Muay Thai kickboxing is no different. These 5 Muay Thai legends can serve as an inspiration for anyone seeking to succeed in the sport. If you’re interested in the art of Muay Thai, remember that everyone starts somewhere!

Muay Thai Legend #1: Samart Payakaroon

Samart Payakaroon is otherwise known as the Muhammed Ali of Muay Thai. His technical mastery of the sport has put him at the top of every list. Almost everyone who is familiar with Muay Thai recognizes Samart Payakaroon as the best kickboxer the world has ever seen.

Muay Thai Legend #2: Dieselnoi Chor Thanasukarn

Dieselnoi is known for his skill as well as his height advantage. Using his signature knee strikes, he defeated Samart Payakaroon in a legendary fight. His strength and stature cement his legacy as an incredible Muay Thai fighter that others often feared to face.

Muay Thai Legend #3: Apidej Sit Hirun

Apidej’s claim to fame is his recognition by the King of Thailand as the “fighter of the century” – if that’s not legendary, we don’t know what is! There’s no doubt that Apidej Sit Hirun paved the way for future fighters.

Muay Thai Legend #4: Somrak Khamsing

While Muay Thai is not yet recognized as an Olympic sport, Somrak Khamsing is famous for being the first Thai person to win a gold medal. His win was for traditional boxing, and with skill in both boxing and Muay Thai, Somrak is a formidable fighter. So much so, in fact, that he was not allowed to compete in championship fights because he was too talented.

Muay Thai Legend #5: Saenchai

Saenchai has unparalleled technical skill in the art of Muay Thai kickboxing. For over a decade, Saenchai has fought all over the world and won numerous titles. He is the epitome of agility, speed, and focus.

Muay Thai is an excellent sport for children and adults alike. If you dream of becoming a legend like one of these famous fighters, start today by registering for a martial arts class in Calgary.

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