5 Signs You have found an Awesome Martial Arts School

There are many options when it comes to martial arts training. Here are some important points to consider when selecting an awesome martial arts school.

The Instructor Knows Their Students’ Names

Instructors who care and are connected to their students make the effort to learn their students’ names. Whether they have 15 students or 150; they know their students strengths and weaknesses as well as their name. This helps students feel seen, important and connected to their instructor and their martial arts school. 

There Is An Apparent Culture of Respect in the School 

Respect is both expected of the students, and given to them. Discipline (when necessary) is consistent and without anger. When the instructor is teaching, the students are attentive and engaged in the lesson, as is the instructor.

The Instructor is Actively Teaching and Engaged With Their Students 

In some martial arts schools, the instructors are just a presence. They are late, or chatting with other instructors/ advanced students or discussing a play by play of the latest UFC fight. What you are looking for is one who is actively on the mats coaching all of their students. 

Positive Reinforcement as well as Constructive Criticism 

The instructor offers recognition of things going right, increased effort, good attention, mechanics of skills and drills as well as corrections. It can be disheartening for students to only ever hear the things they need to work on. Good instructors want to help build their students’ martial arts skills but also to help them grow as people. Wanting to build them up, not tear them down is a sign of a great teacher. 


Training is awesome and students should be working hard and having fun. Students should be smiling, welcoming to new students and happy to be on the mats. Be cautious of martial arts schools where you feel uncomfortable, or unwelcome. 


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