Back-to-School Success Program. Developing CONFIDENCE.

Self Defence Skills

Martial arts training gives students the skills they need to keep themselves safe. This knowledge, discovering that they can protect themselves, push themselves and be strong mentally and physically gives them new confidence. They are entrusted with the tools to protect themselves if they need to but it is expected that their strength of character will make using these tools an absolute last resort. 

Gradings, Goal Setting

Learning and mastering the skills and drills involved in their discipline and then proving they have a good understanding at a grading also leads to increased self-confidence. Gradings, stripe tests, belts tests and symposiums give our students reinforcement that they have developed the skill and gives them new skills and stripes, belts or prajieds to reach and train for. Achieving goals and experiencing success allows our students to set and achieve goals outside of the dojo. 

Tournaments, Performance & Handling Stress 

Competition and success in competition adds a new layer to student confidence. Anyone who has experienced competition knows that it comes with nerves, stress, and butterflies. Testing themselves against other students in front of an audience and knowing that win or lose, they learn and improve is a huge opportunity for our students to grow.


Becoming part of Arashi-Do’s martial arts family gives our students a team and a home. Though martial arts generally are an individual sport, we are all a team. Off the mats our students regularly become good friends, socialize often outside of class, carpool to events and generally support each other. It is a great thing to see them develop these relationships. The support system that exists within a dojo is a huge boost to their confidence.


Arashi-do Martial Arts provides skilled instruction in karate, muay thai and brazilian jiu jitsu for children and adults. If you’re looking to improve your physical fitness, learn self-defence or learn important life skills, come into Arashi-do. To sign up for your first free lesson, visit our website at arashidomartialarts.ca. If you have any questions, send us an email or give us a call.

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