Back-to-School Success Program. Developing FOCUS.

Considering martial arts training for your child? All parents want what is best for their children, and want to find the extra curricular activities that will help their children develop into well rounded people, as well as, improve their health and keep them engaged. 

Martial arts training with Arashi-Do teaches children technical excellence in their chosen discipline. Whether it’s Karate, Muay Thai or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu our students will learn the skills they need to excel in sport and, should the need arise, protect themselves. Their physical fitness increases with their technical proficiency. One of our goals as a martial arts school is to help our students to develop their strength – both physically and mentally. 

Training with Arashi-Do improves mental strength as well as many soft skills. Focus, or the ability to stay engaged, is one skill everyone must develop as they grow and mature. The ability to focus, listen actively and learn new skills in the dojo translates well to academic endeavors and other areas of our students’ lives. Increasing their ability to focus improves our students’ attention span, concentration, listening skills and work ethic. 

On the mats, this looks like listening to and looking at the instructor as they teach; not allowing themselves to distract or be distracted by their fellow students; following tasks through to completion; working independently and following multi-step instructions. Redirecting their attention to what they are learning repeatedly with less frequent redirection from their Sensei, Kru or Monitor/Coach shows they are improving in this area. 

Martial arts training helps students of all ages become more well rounded people who not only improve in fitness and skill with their training but sharpen their focus and increase their mental strength while learning valuable life skills.


Arashi-do Martial Arts provides skilled instruction in karate, muay thai and brazilian jiu jitsu for children and adults. If you’re looking to improve your physical fitness, learn self-defence or learn important life skills, come into Arashi-do. To sign up for your first free lesson, visit our website at arashidomartialarts.ca. If you have any questions, send us an email or give us a call.

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