How Martial Arts Creates a Success Mindset

We all know that a martial arts school is a great place to develop physically while you learn Karate, Muay Thai or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It is also a great place to learn how to create a success mindset.

A positive success mindset is critical to achieving your goals and dreams in life. This kind of mindset can be cultivated, but only if you are willing to open yourself up to new ways of thinking. Here is our list of how martial arts creates a success mindset.

1. Build a growth mindset.

The most important thing you can do is to embrace a growth mindset. This is the mindset that will allow you to dream big and push the boundaries of what you thought possible to new levels.

In your martial arts training you will have challenges and obstacles along the way. Instead of seeing everything in terms of failures and successes, put them in a positive light. If you fall down seven times, get up eight. Our professional instructors believe that your talents and abilities can be developed over time through experience and mentorship, so they challenge our students to “go for it.”

2. No risk = no reward.

When you do something completely out of your comfort zone your mind will become more nimble. As a result, you’ll learn to push yourself to new levels of success. 

In martial arts training you are learning to consistently work towards a new goal, a new belt, a new skill or a new competition. This naturally pushes you out of your comfort zone and teaches you how to be more comfortable taking these risks.

3. Embrace your mistakes and move on.

A big part of taking risks is being able to learn from your mistakes. In your martial arts class you will have lots of opportunities to make mistakes when you are learning new skills. Each mistake will teach you something new that will help you to learn and grow as a martial artist. 

You begin to learn what works and what doesn’t for you and this is a great place to start your journey towards success. Instead of trying to hide or make excuses, you begin to consider what you can take away from these experiences as you go forward.

4. Curiosity will keep you thirsting for more.

No matter what martial art you are learning or what level you have achieved, you should never stop learning. Our professional instructors have a thirst for knowledge and are constantly learning and growing as martial artists. Our goal is to teach our students that this curiosity is something that can never be quenched, and should be a lifelong quest.

An endless supply of curiosity is key to seeing beyond what’s in front of you, discovering what you are truly capable of and keeping yourself in a growth mindset.

5. Celebrate others’ successes.

At our martial arts school, we all help to celebrate each others’ successes. At every belt promotion, grading or tournament, we celebrate our students’ successes as a group, modelling and teaching this concept in a positive way. 

Students learn that acknowledging and delighting in others’ successes will help you to drop feelings of bitterness or resentment, and will allow you to focus on the positive things you have accomplished as well.

6. Starve the negative, feed the positive.

Motivational speaker Jim Rohn has said, “You’re the average of the five people you spend most of your time with.” This makes the people you surround yourself with so important. Our safe and fun classes are positive places where we encourage challenges and positive attitudes from everyone; instructors, students and parents.

In the same way, your mindset will reflect whatever information you feed it. That’s why it’s key to fuel your mind with positive information on a daily basis.

7. Be healthy in mind and body.

At Arashi-Do Martial Arts we don’t discount the importance of both physical and mental agility. Being fit and healthy creates more positive thoughts than negative and helps you to take the daily action necessary to achieve success.

Training in Karate, Muay Thai or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu helps you to embrace both the mental and the physical, since they work together to keep you alert and focused on your goals.

8. Keep your energy high.

We all have days when we are feeling low on energy. It is easy on these days to skip class,  but this is where your enthusiasm and positivity drop, which in turn allows negative thoughts to take hold.

Energy equals momentum, which is particularly important when working towards a goal. It is on these days that coming to your martial arts class is the most important. We only improve when we learn to work through these dips in energy and in the end a success mindset is about having the drive and endurance to do just that.

At Arashi-Do Martial Arts we believe that a success mindset will help our students to grow and to meet the challenges of life on and off of the mats.

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