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Our BJJ system is progressive, structured and safe. You will learn self defense skills and competitive strategies while increasing your fitness level and having fun



Our curriculum is based on the progressive Jiu Jitsu system developed by Master Sylvio Behring from Brazil, who traces his lineage back to the Gracie family.


BJJ will help you get in amazing shape while you train your body and your mind.


Join our team and become part of a supportive community as you work towards your goals.


Our dedicated instructors will prepare you for self-defense or competition.

Traditional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes

At Arashi-Do, we teach traditional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), which is the fastest growing martial art in North America. Learn self defense and the sport of BJJ developed by the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu masters. We have specifically designed our program to progressively build your skills in grappling and wrestling in a fun and safe way. Our program is perfect for both men and women. We have students of all ages and fitness levels.

The Arashi-Do Behring Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Alliance is a partnership between Arashi-Do and Mastre Sylvio Behring from Brazil. Mastre Behring trained with Helio Gracie and has devoted his life to BJJ and to bringing it to the world. Mastre Behring comes to Canada four times a year to train with us and to mentor our progression.



Work self defence techniques, the progressive guard and sport Jiu Jitsu with our excellent instructors.

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We will prepare you for success at tournaments and work with a variety of partners to practice and solidify your skill set.


We have and will continue to follow the guidelines from Alberta Health and a number of additional precautions to ensure the continued safety of everyone in the Arashi-Do family! Check out our blog post for more information or contact your school directly. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

We encourage you to try a free class. Come view our school, interact with our students, meet our instructors and join a class.
Our professional full time instructors are passionate about what they do and will help you meet your goals. Our class sizes allow us to get to know our students personally and we offer great rates and family plans.
We offer great value, with the second family member training receiving a 25% discount. Many of our schools offer additional family member discounts, please contact your school of choice for more information.
Competition is never mandatory, though it does help our students build confidence, learn how to manage being nervous, and it motivates them to work hard in class.
Sparring is an important part of our curriculum. We emphasize safety and control, the goal is to practice our skills in a realistic way without injury.
Arashi-Do is a very welcoming environment and we never lose sight of the fact that everyone had a first day. It takes courage to walk into a martial arts school and try something new and we recognize that.

Discover the Benefits of BJJ Classes with Arashi-Do

Jiu Jitsu is great exercise and it is a new and interesting way to get in great shape while learning self defense skills. It will make you stronger and will challenge you both physically and mentally. Your cardio will improve, your strength will improve and you will push yourself to develop greater physical endurance. BJJ is like a chess game; you have to think several moves ahead to win the battle between you and your opponent.

If you are interested in competition, we run several club tournaments a year and we go to open tournaments. BJJ is an important part of MMA training; if you are interested in developing MMA skills this is the place to start.

Our BJJ class is very friendly; when you join Arashi-Do you become part of our family. We have a great mix of ages in our class, including women and older men; you will be able to train with people just like you.


My family has been training at this Arashi-Do since it first opened, it has become our second home. The instructors are world class in knowledge. Regardless of the discipline
you train, the instructors will always take the time to answer a question and teach a technique properly. I cannot think of a better Dojo to train in and many of my instructors and my training
partners are now some of my closest friends.

Scott H

The coaching staff, atmosphere, and athletes at Arashi-Do are top notch. I’ve been a personal trainer for 10 years and have seen a lot of gyms and fitness fads come and go, so if you are  looking at this from a workout standpoint it is tried,
tested and works. I have  never been in better shape in my life than when I was training at this club.

Chris C.

Martial Arts has allowed me to develop as a person both on and off the mat in ways I feel no other sport or activity could. It has provided me  with a positive outlet for stresses in my life and I feel I am calmer and a better  person for it.