5 Ways Martial Arts Have a Positive Impact on School Performance

Martial arts training has the amazing ability to build skills in and out of the dojo. These skills become lifelong skills, mindsets, and keys to success in all areas of life. We know that martial arts have a positive impact on school performance as we have helped our students learn the tools they need to succeed in the classroom. Here are 5 ways martial arts have a positive impact on school performance.

1. Martial Arts Teaches That Hard Work Is Rewarded

We know that most kids will reach a point during the school year where studying for a quiz or completing their homework is not at the top of their priorities. For them it can be difficult to understand that all the work you put into learning will pay off in the end. The same is true with success in the dojo.

Mastering martial arts techniques comes from attending class and practising skills over and over. Our progressive curriculum is built so that students can see the results of their hard work through regular testing and belt progression. Students progress at their own pace, but in the end, hard work is rewarded.

2. Martial Arts Classes are an Outlet for Stress and Anxiety Relief

Think back to the time when you were in school, do you remember the stress of a big test or project? School is something that can be stressful for students of all ages. This is especially true for high school students having to deal with the pressure of a heavier workload and planning for post-secondary. We know that martial arts can have a positive impact on school performance in a couple of different ways.

Martial arts is an outlet for ‘blowing off steam’. In the dojo, students are able to unplug, and disconnect while also connecting with their friends. Our safe and fun classes are designed to get kids moving with games and challenges designed to help them learn martial arts skills at all ages. 

Naturally, through martial arts, breathing techniques are taught and encouraged in order for one to remain focused and maintain their strength and stamina. Performing breathing techniques is also an effective stress reliever. Proper breathing techniques to increase the flow of oxygen to your brain, stimulates your nervous system, and creates a level of calmness.

This is how martial arts can have a positive impact on school performance both physically and mentally.

3. Martial Arts Builds Self-Confidence

In our Karate, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes, confidence is built daily. Our professional martial arts instructors structure classes to focus on progress and our students often leave each class knowing that they have worked hard and improved. Over time these small improvements build up martial arts skills and the confidence in learning and achieving their goals. This helps students to address new things with a positive mindset, knowing that if they put in the effort they will see the results. Success over time builds confidence through the feelings of accomplishment which spills over to having a positive impact on school performance.

4. Martial Arts Adds Regular Exercise Into Student’s Lives

It is recommended that kids and youth get one hour or more of physical exercise each day. We know that there is a link between exercise and brain functions with many benefits to build focus and concentration. Joining a martial arts class is an easy and fun way to add exercise into a student’s schedule without making it a chore. At Arashi-Do Martial Arts we think of our students as part of our family and our students are always excited to come to class and to learn new things with their friends. Martial arts classes are a great way to get the mental benefits that physical movement brings.

5. Martial Arts Classes Build Focus

Maintaining a proper practice of martial arts techniques requires a deep level of concentration and focus. In our classes we develop these skills through drills that require attention and provide feedback if attention breaks. Pad work drills require both the striker and pad holder to be paying attention to what they are doing and what their partner is doing. If this focus is broken a pad will be missed by the striker which acts as feedback to both students and a reminder to keep focused. Balance drills also require the student to concentrate deeply on how their body is maintaining balance, the feedback here is a wobble or fall. Over time the ability to focus and concentrate on a task grows and becomes easier and our students notice that they can easily apply these to their daily school work with great success.

See how the 5 Ways Martial Arts Have a Positive Impact on School Performance for your kids.  All of our schools are ready to help you start your martial arts journey!

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