“Teaching is my passion! I live for my students.”

My interest in martial arts sparked after watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as a kid. As a result I started training karate under Kyoshi Mike at the first Arashi-Do Dojo In Calgary. I was ramping up my training for my Jr Black Belt test when I was attacked by a dog. After several years off I returned to Arashi-Do, received my Black Belt and started teaching in Bowden and Penhold for Sensei Lynn. At this point I was going to the University of Calgary for Electrical Engineering so I taught part-time and continued to train. When I graduated I was faced with a choice: Karate or Engineering.

I spent six months trying to do both before I finally realized my experience teaching had ignited a passion for martial arts I couldn’t ignore. I love everything about the lifestyle; from mentoring assistant instructors to organizing classes to working with kids. I find it rewarding to see improvement in my students and I enjoy the everyday challenges I face. One of the greatest things about my job is being part of the Arashi-Do family; I get to train with world class martial artists who also happen to be amazing people. Kyoshi Mike has had been a mentor for me and I am continually in awe of and inspired by the skills exhibited by Arashi-Do school owners, instructors and fighters. My long term goal is to continue to grow as a martial artist by teaching, training and competing as much as I can. I would like to expand my knowledge of martial arts by delving deeper into Muay Thai Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Eventually I plan to become a school owner running a successful school. Martial arts is my life.