Martial Arts Mindsets. Consistency

There are many clichés about how to achieve success floating around and if you spend any amount of time in school or the workplace they are bound to come up again and again. Since we have all heard them before, we are going to spare you from an entire blog of them. At Arashi-Do Martial Arts we know the unpopular secret to success in any endeavor: consistency. If you have trained in Karate, Muay Thai or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, you know that these martial arts are highly technical sports with hundreds, if not thousands, of techniques. It may seem daunting to even reach a basic level of understanding, or to get to the next level; let alone become an expert. This is where the secret superpower of consistency comes in. Consistent and daily practice in any martial art will provide the repetition and development needed to reach your goals and beyond.

Mastery takes time

Becoming proficient in any martial art takes a lot of effort. All techniques require a good understanding of body mechanics to be done correctly. This means that not only do you need to remember the steps in a technique, you also need to know when and how it should be done. In Karate, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu; many attacks and defenses are basically dependent on how your opponent reacts, similar to playing chess but only with your bodies as the pieces. With this, you must find time to train consistently if you really want to improve.

Consistency is the first step to success

Consistency is the first step towards developing any skill. It does not matter what your goals are; your skills will eventually improve if you commit time to practice. Our advice to you is to plan your approach when you train. Look at your current schedule and figure out how many days you can commit to going to the gym. Then speak with your instructor and build training blocks focusing on the techniques that you’d like to learn or need more practice on.

It is now up to you to keep to the schedule you have set. Schedule = routine = habit = consistency. The key to consistency is being disciplined enough to maintain your habits with perseverance. Consistency and determination will take you a long way. Think of it as an investment in yourself.

Routines Are Easier To Maintain Than Goals

This is because a routine is a natural result of a habit that has been established over a period of time. Once you train your mind to work on something consistently, it is easier to get going on the actual activity. If you tend to slack off on training, give yourself a kickstart by just thinking about going to class, the thought will create the action. 

Focus on Small Goals

Once you have your routine, it’s time to start focusing on small goals. A good starting point is to not look at the gym as a place for competition. Think of it as a place where you can experiment with and develop techniques. Partner with different people of different sizes and strengths, work on new techniques while sharpening the ones you already know. For each training session, decide on a small goal and work towards it. The feeling of achieving these goals will help to keep you positive and coming into the gym consistently. 

Have some fun

No matter what your goals are, always keep in mind that having fun is an important benefit of training in martial arts. If you are not having fun, it will be hard to maintain your consistent practice. Calling up a friend and asking them to join you in class, saying hi to the new person on the mat, even chatting after class will help make training more fun and enjoyable. Not only does martial arts help to keep the body healthy and the mind sharp, it also helps us to build a community around the gym. This community connection will help you to have fun and stay consistent!

Let us help you keep consistent

Before you can master the skills required for Karate, Muay Thai or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, you must think about the tasks ahead of you and create a plan to achieve your goals. Staying consistent can be a tricky thing to do, but we can help. Our progressive and structured curriculum is designed to keep you motivated, learning and consistent. Are you ready to get started? All of our schools are open and ready to help you start your martial arts journey!

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