Martial Arts Mindsets. Think Like a Fighter

A quick word of warning, this blog is not about blind aggression, but rather the mental determination and resilience that martial arts training creates. Do you remember the first time you faced off against an opponent when you joined a martial arts class? Did your hands sweat and did your heart want to jump out of your chest? You might have even experienced talking to yourself to get some form of encouragement to keep going during a tough match. Even better, you may have been so well prepared both physically and mentally that all you could see was your opponent – ready to receive your practised moves.

Working through any or all of the scenarios above is an example of Martial Arts Mindsets: Think like a Fighter – where the most important battle that every martial artist faces and overcomes, is the “fight from within”. 

Think like a Fighter. Part 1 – Overcoming negativity.

It may sound like a simple thing, but have you ever wondered why we have to condition our mind positively? 

According to an article written by Sussane Madsen in Liquid Planner, studies show that “75% of our daily thoughts and beliefs are negative. We might not feel good enough, clever enough, old enough, young enough or experienced enough – all of which affect our ability to apply ourselves effectively to achieving our goals.”  

This means that you need to make an effort in getting rid of these negative thoughts. Your first fight is that “fight from within” and with victory over these negative thoughts you can achieve calmness and focus in the midst of stress and adversity before or during an actual match.

Think like a Fighter. Part 2 – Embrace positivity.

Having a positive outlook in martial arts training is essential for you to thrive in Karate, Muay Thai or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. As you learn and grow as a martial artist you gain confidence and self-esteem which will help you to develop a positive view of yourself. This new positive view can be seen in every aspect of your life as well. Through your martial arts training you begin the pursuit of being a better version of yourself, surpassing the limitations that your mind created. 

In our safe and fun classes, we build a positive environment for everyone with a focus on building each other up and spreading positivity to our whole community. When you join the Arashi-Do family, you too will begin to see and feel the difference embracing positivity has on everyone.

Think like a Fighter. Part 3 – Respect your Opponent

There are a lot of benefits to embracing the value of respect in martial arts. Respect for your opponent demonstrates that when you think like a fighter, you show that you have learned to control yourself in uncontrollable situations. The ability to demonstrate respect in a competition is the ultimate show of skill and sportsmanship. 

Fighters who have good sportsmanship qualities are well respected in the sport because it shows that they have a profound understanding of the diversity of disciplines and a fighter’s personal journey in martial arts. Respectful fighters are well-balanced fighters that draw strength from a positive mind.

Our KarateMuay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes will help you develop your Martial Arts Mindset while teaching you to Think like a Fighter. Our progressive and structured curriculum is designed to keep you motivated, learning and building those martial arts mindsets. Are you ready to get started? All of our schools are open and ready to help you start your martial arts journey!

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