Muay Thai classes for beginners. What to expect.

Muay Thai classes for kids can be a great way to introduce your child to a new sport while they learn essential self-defence skills. Muay Thai is an exciting martial art that has been gaining popularity recently due to its effectiveness in competition and self-defence. 

When children first arrive at their Muay Thai class, they can expect a warm welcome from the instructor and other students. They will briefly introduce Muay Thai, including its history and some basic techniques and rules. The instructor will also explain why it is essential to respect other students and why it is crucial to stay focused throughout the class.

Every class starts with light stretching and warm-up exercises, including jumping jacks, running in place, or light jogging to get the muscles ready. Often our instructors have fun mini-games to keep the warmup fun and engaging for students.

After the warm-up exercises, it’s time to work on the basics of Muay Thai. Working on fundamentals such as strikes and footwork, students will typically use a focus mitt, kick pad, boxing glove, or other pieces of equipment. Our professional instructors are engaged with the students and guide proper technique keeping the class safe and fun while learning.

Another vital part of a Muay Thai class for kids is learning proper respect and discipline. Demonstrating proper respect for the instructor and following the code of conduct is expected in the gym. If a student does not show proper respect and discipline, the instructor may address this in various ways but always with a professional demeanour and respect for the student.

Muay Thai is an incredibly valuable martial art for kids. They learn self-defence techniques, increase their physical fitness and develop a strong sense of respect and discipline. Our martial arts classes are a safe and fun place to learn new skills, make new friends and have a lot of fun while physically active.

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