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Our fun, safe Muay Thai Kickboxing class teaches the traditional martial art of Muay Thai. Your child will learn how to use their hands, feet, knees and elbows for sport and self defense.



Whether your child wants to compete or just wants to learn, our experienced instructors will help them reach their goals.


The physical and mental skills your child develops as they move through the Muay Thai system will prepare them for success. Our instructors break down offence and defence into skill building drills keeping students challenged and safe.


The bully proofing drills and strategies that your child will learn will help them in school yard situations. Muay thai develops the skills for functional self defence.


Our classes are fun and active, your child will be motivated and challenged every day.

Expert Guided Muay Thai Classes For Kids

At Arashi-Do we offer traditional Muay Thai Kickboxing classes for kids starting at age 4 and up; we have been teaching Muay Thai for over 30 years. We believe that kids learn best through age appropriate skills and drills so we group the kids into classes by age and skill level. Although we are teaching them real Muay Thai and they spar, we keep them safe and do not allow any head contact.

Our 4 to 7 year old Muay Thai program is called Tiny Thaigers. We use a simplified version of our kids curriculum to help 4 to 7 year olds learn real Muay Thai Kickboxing; they will learn how to move their bodies, to follow directions and to interact successfully with others.

Our Youth Muay Thai is for ages 8 to 15. The classes are longer and more challenging and the material is more technical. Kids love the competitive nature and we design our kids Muay Thai classes around fun skill building drills and sparring concepts.


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Ages 4-7

High energy drills and games develop techniques and fitness in a fun active class. Students learn how to work with partners on pads and to spar with control.

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Ages 8-15

Our traditional Muay Thai program modified to an age appropriate level improves students’ mental and physical toughness as they face sparring partners and serious pad work.

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While most students train recreationally, some of our students go on to compete at club tournaments, open tournaments or in the ring.


We have and will continue to follow the guidelines from Alberta Health and a number of additional precautions to ensure the continued safety of everyone in the Arashi-Do family! Check out our blog post for more information or contact your school directly. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

We encourage you to try a free class. Come view our school, interact with our students, meet our instructors and join a class.
Our professional full time instructors are passionate about what they do and will help you meet your goals. Our class sizes allow us to get to know our students personally and we offer great rates and family plans.
We offer great value, with the second family member training receiving a 25% discount. Many of our schools offer additional family member discounts, please contact your school of choice for more information.
Competition is never mandatory, though it does help our students build confidence, learn how to manage being nervous, and it motivates them to work hard in class.
Sparring is an important part of our curriculum. We emphasize safety and control, the goal is to practice our skills in a realistic way without injury.
Arashi-Do is a very welcoming environment and we never lose sight of the fact that everyone had a first day. It takes courage to walk into a martial arts school and try something new and we recognize that.

Discover The Benefits Of Muay Thai Classes For Kids

Muay Thai Kickboxing is great for kids – they get to wear boxing gloves and they get to learn how to punch and kick pads. It is great exercise and it makes them stronger both physically and mentally. We teach them life skills like good sportsmanship, how to work with a partner, respect, and control. And we work on bully-proofing and self defense, teaching kids them how to stand up for themselves and others in school yard situations in a safe way that doesn’t get them in trouble.

For those kids who want to compete, we run several club tournaments a year and we go to open tournaments. They can even take on the challenge of training for a ring fight. Kids Muay Thai is a great place to make friends. Partner work brings them closer together and you will see a boost in their self confidence and their ability to interact with others.


My children love their classes. They are fun and challenging and you get to punch. I love their classes because Muay Thai has improved their listening skills and has strengthened their ability to follow directions; and it is fantastic exercise.


We decided to enroll our eldest son at Arashi-Do because he’d been bullied at school. They taught him self-defense and how to stand up for himself, since then the kid stopped bullying him.

Parent of a child in the junior program

I was fortunate enough start my two girls in the Tiny Tigers program and then see them progress on to the Junior
Muay Thai program. The instructors are second to none in their skill and ability to convey concepts to children of all ages and skill levels.