I joined Karate at Arashi-Do Springbank in 2011 and instantly fell in love! It was immediately the thing I looked forward to throughout the week. I loved the engaging classes, which built my confidence, skills, self defence, cardio, and discipline, but I also loved the community that came along with it.  Renshi Trevor, Monette and everyone else at Arashi-Do are so welcoming and eager to build the Arashi-Do family, and I was so happy to join and now be a part of instructing! 

I’ve been training in Karate for almost 10 years, and have also trained with weapons such as the Bo staff, Nunchucks, and Sai. I’ve loved to be involved in tournaments, where I have competed in Karate, weapons, and team categories, as well as judging.  I was so excited to get my brown belt in 2017 and become a Senpai (assistant/senior student).  I had been so excited to start helping with the cute ‘Little Dragons’ and juniors for years! 

I then got my black belt in 2019, and earned the title of Sensei (teacher) and started to help out teaching the Little Dragon and junior Karate classes.  I absolutely love seeing kids get into Martial Arts, and seeing the confidence that grows within them.  It’s great to see the progress and improvement kids make as they grow up.  I am so excited to make my way up through the degrees of Black belt and continue to teach and watch others martial arts journeys.