The Beginners Struggle: How to Push Through It

Congratulations, you have passed the first hurdle by joining a martial arts school and trying something new! It is not easy and you should be proud because you are way ahead of those who are still on the couch.

So what do you do when you start to feel like you are struggling and the anxiety starts to kick in. The good news is you’re not alone and you’re not unique in your challenges.

Some relief can come from simply knowing that you’re not alone in your experiences, what you’re feeling is not even unusual, and that many people — including the instructors you now look up to — went through many of the same problems.

Here are some of the common Issues new students may face;

  • Knots in your stomach and anxiety before class. This feeling starts to grow and grow right up to the start of class, but once you get into it, the feeling will pass – or you will be too busy training and having fun to notice it – so take a deep breath and get to class.
  • Finding excuses to not go to class because of that anxiety. You may find it easier and easier to come up with reasons to skip class. “I’m too tired, I just want to watch Netflix tonight, I didn’t eat a good enough lunch, I’m still a little sore from last time…” Of course, taking care of yourself is important to avoid over-training, but more often than not, the right thing to do is push through your excuses and just go train.
  • Social anxiety about joining an established group. Some of this anxiety can be caused by the social aspects of martial arts training: going into a group of strangers, having to interact with new people, not knowing the school rules or what to expect in class. Just remember, every student has felt that way before (or still does), you are not alone. The more time you spend in class, the sooner you will make new friends and your anxiety will go away.
  • Feeling like you’re the stupidest person in the room. When you are the newest student in class, you may think that everyone else knows everything and that all eyes are on you when you are struggling with learning a new skill. Truthfully, everyone has those days (even your instructors) try not to be too hard on yourself and know what everyone is in class to learn and grow and your instructions understand that you are new and will be patient with you.
  • Forgetting everything you were taught, especially under the pressure of sparring. The process of learning a martial art takes years and years of practice. The odds of remembering a move the first time you learn it, especially as a beginner, are very low. This is a very common problem, and keeping a training journal and regular class attendance is the best way to solve it.
  • Fear of getting injured or injuring someone else by accident. Not wanting to harm your training partners is a good thing! And honestly, not wanting to get hurt is normal. Our instructors are professionals who undergo continuous learning to provide safe and fun classes. Just focus on using the techniques you’re learning, listen to your instructors and don’t do anything too wild and crazy and you should be OK.

What we want you to take away from this is that countless people have come before you, and they have struggled with all of the same problems. Learning a martial art is very challenging, and it takes years of commitment to progress to higher levels. What will get you through your early days and carry you on throughout the rest of your training is to focus on developing your work ethic, your commitment to showing up and a belief that you can accomplish your goals with a determined and positive mindset. 

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