Training Safely in the time of COVID-19

Our schools have been open and training in person for an entire month and we are happy to say that our students and staff are safe, healthy and happy to be back on the mats.

We have and will continue to follow the guidelines from Alberta Health and a number of additional precautions to ensure the continued safety of everyone in the Arashi-Do family! Here is what we are doing;


  • For new students and newly returning students – a pre-assessment form is required on your first class. A pdf copy of the form is located here.
  • If a student feels sick in any way, do not come to class, you won’t be permitted to come to the school if you are sick. You can always join our online Zoom classes if you are worried.
  • Students should enter and leave the school while keeping physical distancing. The previous class will leave, and the next class will wait outside until they are called in.
  • We will be disinfecting the mats and washrooms in between each class. If possible, the doors will be left open during class and in some locations, we have upgraded the air circulation system.
  • Once you are inside there is a sanitization station. Everyone must sanitize their hands before and after class. When you enter, after you have sanitized, you can go onto the mats but please maintain your distance from other students.
  • Once class has started, you will work with what is known as your “Cohort training partners” this means that students will have a partner or a small group of partners to work out with and they will always keep to that group during phase 2.
  • Instructors will use a combination of physical distancing and masks when teaching classes.
  • As per AHS recommendations and to minimize risks there will be no one allowed in the school except students, parents are asked to drop off their kids and bring them fully changed and ready for class. Please try to have them use the bathroom before class to limit exposure. Please wash your gi and equipment before each class, also bring your own water bottle and take it with you after class. Anything left in the school will be thrown away.
  • We will still be offering a zoom option for class if you would rather participate that way. The schedule will be different than we have been using and the meeting ID and password is likely different so if this is what you want to do please contact your specific school.
  • If you have a very young child that is a student and are worried about them coming in alone, please contact us.

We are very excited to be open and back to training, teaching and growing as martial artists. With everyone working within these guidelines, we feel we can safely continue to provide the high quality of instruction that we are known for.

For existing students and families that may not be feeling comfortable returning to in-person classes, please feel free to contact us by email or phone, we would love to speak with you and hear your concerns. We will still continue to offer the Zoom classes as an alternative for those who would like that option.

Are you ready to return? If you have stopped training during this time and you are ready to return, give us a call or email, we can’t wait to see you!

Are you thinking of joining us for the first time? This is the perfect time to get started or to hold your spot for the fall. All of our schools are open and ready to help you start your martial arts journey! Contact us today!

Email: arashido.lynn@gmail.com

Calgary North: 403-612-4050 | Calgary South: 403-809-0245 | Calgary Southwest: 403-809-0245 | Calgary West: 403-990-0482