“I teach because I love to pass on the skills passed on to me and the success of my students justifies my existence.”

Following my 4-year-old daughters footsteps as a little dragon, I joined Arashi-Do at the age of 34 in Aug 2003 with no background in martial arts at all. I was out of shape and a smoker. By Blue belt I was a Sempei (Senior rank Assisting), lost 60 lbs and quit smoking. By Brown belt I was filling in teaching when needed and on Nov 24, 2006, I was privileged to receive my black belt. I took on the role of instructor on a more permanent basis teaching for Kyoshi Mike at Two schools in Calgary, Hillhurst and Springbank. This was just the beginning of something life-changing.

My travel on the path with Arashi Do has been a good one both in mind and body that I plan on continuing for as long as I can try to pass on all the passion and knowledge that I can.

●  2003 Joined Arashi-Do Karate

●  2005 WKA Provincials took gold for Kata and sparring

●  2006 Achieved Black belt first Degree

●  2006 Full-time instructor at Springbank dojo

●  2006 Started Cross Training in Muay Thai

●  2008 Joined the BBCC as an owner by franchising Springbank.

●  2010 Achieved assistant Instructor in Muay Thai and opened a class at Springbank

●  2007 Competed in and won my first Muay Thai tournament.

●  2008 took my first Amateur Ring Fight

●  2008 1st trip to Thailand to continue Muay Thai Training

●  2009 Started Training In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Under Master Sylvio Behring